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Attending the opening ceremony of the International Festival – I3F to direct consumers to “Live healthily, Live Beautifully”

Opening International Festival of Functional Foods & I3F Beauty Products at Tan Binh Exhibition and Fair Center (Ho Chi [...]

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Huong Thanh – one of 100 companies honored to meet Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan

Representatives of 100 small and medium enterprises are driven by successful businesswomen working in many fields and industries. On the [...]

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Huong Thanh Company and journey to reach Vietnamese Brand

Being a pioneer in the field of processing fruits and plants, noni can cure, strengthen and protect human health, [...]


100% organic raw materials, no pesticides, and no preservatives

Achieved many awards and titles of prestigious Vietnamese brand

Obtained GMP, ISO certification and Exported to many countries, such as Japan, Korea, Australia, and Nigeria



Certificate of exclusive brand – genuine genuine goods

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huân chương khen thưởng công ty hương thanh

Certificate of PRESTIGE QUALITY PRODUCTS Integrating

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Customer’s review

phiếu phản hồi từ khách hàng hương thanh

Corporate name: Cinema Performance Centre

Mailing address: 07 Công trường lam sơn street, District 1, TPHCM

Mobile number: 0913809217

Birth year: 1960

Represented by: Lê Hữu Luân. Designation: Company Executive Director

Customer’s review: Very good

Do you meet the needs of customers: Yes

I can control my blood sugar and insulin level better using strawberry noni juice. This emotional stability brings good health and wellness. Especially, after a long period of consistently drinking large quantities of noni juice, it has a positive impact on my physical health (skin and hair), general wellness and mental health.

I also tried noni soap and it has a good effect on my skin and health.

Corporate name: Service Commercial Real Estate Firm VT.T

Mailing address: 17/3 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai street, Bến Nghé Ward, District 1 TPHCM

Mobile number: 0903624619

Birth year: 1959

Represented by: Vũ Thuỵ Tính. Designation: Company Executive Director.

Three years ago, I have a red, swollen or tender vein, more risk factors for thrombophlebitis; a high dose of medicine doesn’t make the pain go away. Since I drink noni juice (4 bottles for 3 months) years later, my symptoms have completed gone, I’m still drinking noni juice frequently,. Every morning my husband and I drink a cup of noni juice. He has got diabetes and the disease is reduced by 90 percent. Thanks to Huong Thanh noni juice, we become perfectly healthy. What a remarkable products.

Nice design, durable packaging, preserved for a long time. The company should advertise widely to people, especially middle-aged people who need Huong Thanh’s products.

phiếu đánh giá
phiếu thăm dò

Customer’s name:  Nguyễn Văn Thành

Mailing address: 242/47/28 Nguyễn Thiện Thuật street, Ward 3, District 3

Mobile number: 01269023431

Birth year: 1968

I usually smoking and drinking alcohol so I often cough and have breathing difficulty. Luckily, I find and purchase Huong Thanh noni juice. During this time, I feel less tired and breath more gently. Currently, my whole family is using this product to increase health and prevent future diseases…

Nice product, good quality. The company needs to disseminate and advertise more widely to consumers.

Customer’s name: Hà Thị Tuyết Mai

Mailing address: 404 Bà Hạt street,  Ward 8, District 10.

Mobile number: 0908848948

Birth year: 1956

Noni juice is beneficial for good digestion and good night sleep. It also helps me stabilize my blood sugar. After using for sometime, my skin is brighter, acne scars disappear spontaneously, especially relieve pain from rheumatism

Nice product, good quality, very satisfied. I Hope Huong Thanh company continued to succeed in the future.

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