1/ Vision and mission

  • Vision: Health and happiness of human must be associated with the nature
  • Mission: Huong Thanh noni company create green quality products to prevent sickness.

Huong Thanh Company wishes to be the companion of people all over the world because we offer not only physical, but also mental health benefits. As the Vietnamese always say “Health is gold.” Without health, we cannot do anything. Therefore, we keep in mind that it is vital to keep everybody healthy so that each one of us can have a beautiful life in this world. Our slogan is: ” Sickness prevention is better than cure”.

2/ Our Story

We are not aware of the exact time when the noni trees first originated, but one thing we know for sure that for a very long time, Vietnamese have used various parts of the noni trees to treat and prevent diseases. The Vietnamese ancient medicine book has all written down the uses of this plant. Noni fruit act as anti-soreness, anti-fatigue, physical enhancement, resistance to disease, digestive support, anti-gastrointestinal fibrosis, constipation, and other diseases. In particular, it has the body detoxification that fights many kinds of diseases and makes the body healthier.

Noni leaves cure malaria, heal wounds and are used as a vegetable in the processing of food. Noni’s root is used to treat the digestive tract, release pain of tendon and bones. There are many different ways to use the plant, depending on the region has its uses.

In the mid-20th century, thanks to advanced science and medicinal chemistry which the use of noni is becoming more specific and more obvious. People find in the fruit which has many new substances which have amazing features such as preserotonin. When these substances enter the body, they turn into serotonin that can stimulate the nerves, making people more intelligent and healthier.

Vietnam also followed the development trend of the world so, for decades, there were world-class works written about noni trees. It is Mr. Le Hao Dong’s doctoral thesis which presented at Montpelier (France) in 1960. In this thesis, he described the noni plant in Vietnam and Indochina countries. Since then, it has contributed significantly to the application of this tree in treating diseases and improving human health. Particularly, in the last decade of the twentieth century, the world has seen too clearly about the side effects of synthetic drugs of preservatives, additives, food, cancer, diabetes and blood vessels., the list goes on not to mention the polluted climate, with industries dust polluting the water and environment.

The world has to return to nature just before it’s too late. The use of natural substances is strongly recommended in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

There by, Huong Thanh Company wants to contribute small part in improving the health of the community and humanity by producing noni products to use and meet the demand for different region such as honey noni juice, pure noni juice, noni tea, noni pill and noni powder. It is a result of many years of selecting, learning experiences, and traditional processing combined with modern technology.

We want to bring the products into a market where many people can contribute for the  diseases prevention and detoxification enhancement without side effects.

Using creased products will purify the body which will release pain and enhance vitality to have a happier life.

3/ Noni for health

With population explosion and economic competition, bringing humanity to the environmental disaster, the world must quickly purify the environment and make the environment cleaner for more oxygen, natural food and medicine for people, greening the earth so it’s less warming, and against natural disasters.

In that sense, the company focuses on 3 standards:

  • Green
  • Clean
  • Quality

Huong Thanh Company wants to create. produce and distribute according to natural laws which have the five elements associated with the yīn or the yáng of the Heavenly Stems  as described in our company logo.

With a natural laws and the harmonious coordination of 5 elements in nature such as metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, our company wants to bring these meaningful elements for customers with the real nature.  We also want our customers to have more health and happiness.

Huong Thanh Company was established in 1997. Huong Thanh is the first company in producing Noni in Vietnam. Our company has experienced many ups and downs. To gain credibility with our customers, we have researched and created more and more high-quality products with self-contained process manufacturing. To have a stable and green material sources, we have invested 100 hectares of an agriculture farm in Long An, Tien Giang, Buon Me Thuoc and Ca Mau province. Huong Thanh Company hopes that it will continue to serve customers with outstanding quality products. It is gratitude to the customers of the company.

4/ How we achieve the goal

Seeing the good effects of noni plants both inside and out of the human body, the company has been diligently studying the processing of noni trees. The noni fruit is considered as the convenient products with high efficiency, relatively affordable price for customers. Since Huong Thanh Company is the first company in producing noni in Vietnam, it suffered various difficulties in terms of consumption because people do not know about it yet. Besides this, it is used to be a newly established company. The company has not been qualified to promote products to the masses, but thanks to the absolute belief in the good things that noni trees bring to human health, including the company owner. The family has experienced its use for decades and the accumulation of its use in the development of the Vietnamese people. It must be a magical tree of Vietnam and from that belief, the company has overcome thousands of difficulties to achieve today’s achievements.

The company has produced many kinds of products: pure noni juice, honey noni juice, noni powder, noni tea, noni pill, and noni soap. They have won many honors qualification that the Vietnamese government has granted, trusted by domestic and foreign customers. If anyone discusses about noni plant, people think of Huong Thanh company immediately. Our motto:

  • Always respond to customers
  • Dare to do new, always advance products
  • Responsible for products made for the environment and society

In the future, the company will also, in turn, give more products to meet the health needs of the community. The company takes body purification as a health shield to fight disease. Taking natural breath is the driving force for everyone’s physical and intellectual development.

The use of Huong Thanh products will be a great encouragement for our company and will contribute to protecting the health of the community.

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