Noni is the common fruit in the south of Vietnam . However, the northern or northern central Vietnamese who first come to the South evaluate this fruit which is very strange because it belongs to the coffee family but this fruit is very different.

This is a double nut formed by the ovary and part of the sepals on the conjoined inflorescences

When noni is unripe , its colour is light green, its length is from 5 – 7cm, its width is from 3 – 4 cm, the fruit’s eyes are floated on the surface of the fruit. The more it is ripe, the more its colour is yellow and The fruit’s eyes do not emerge as before ; but it still has scratches , silky smoothness and its smell is stink. Noni is the fleshy fruit including many nuts glued together. When the fruit is ripe, the flesh can be eaten and has lots of oval nuts, its shape is one part of sharpness and one part of square.

In the recent days, the noni trees grow in most southern areas, especially in the most land of wet area along the stream , lake and ditch. The trees also grow in the central of Vietnam. However, the geographic area including canal in the south of Vietnam helps the tree grow quickly.  This area yields good crops of noni fruits which has the rich nutrients.




Huong Thanh Company wishes to be the companion of people all over the world because we offer not only physical, but also mental health benefits.

As the Vietnamese always say “Health is gold.” Without health, we cannot do anything.

Therefore, we keep in mind that it is vital to keep everybody healthy so that each one of us can have a beautiful life in this world.

Our motto is: ” Sickness prevention is better than cure”.



Boosting Immune systems: Noni fruit activates macrophages and strengthens the immune system, then produces more lymphocytes that help protect the body. It also contains antibacterial agents that fight infectious bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

Against depression: Noni stimulates serotonin and melatonin – two very important hormones. Serotonin affects mood, emotions and sleep; An imbalance in serotonin levels can contribute to depression.

Improving skin and hair. Noni fruit is used for skin and scalp conditions, such as eczema and ringworm. Noni fruit is also rubbed on the scalp to make hair smooth and will improve the structure of the skin for smooth and youthful skin. Just apply some noni juice on the affected skin or scalp area, leave it on for 15 minutes, then wash it off.

Regulating blood pressure:
Noni fruit is rich in nutrients such as selenium and vitamin C that help fight the damaging effects of free radicals on the walls of blood vessels; scopoletin which is  a compound causing lower blood pressure.


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