Return Policy

In order to protect the highest legal rights and interests for customers when shopping for products at Huong Thanh Noni, we have built a product exchange / return policy with the most favorable terms for customers. and our commitment to quality after-sales service is always at the forefront.

Conditions for exchange and return

Time to exchange / return within 3 days from the time customers order products at Huong Thanh.

  • We only accept returns for products that are intact, with stamps, labels, full invoices, documents or accompanying videos (if any).
  • Huong Thanh will exchange goods/products if customers order from us fully meet the following conditions:

You can exchange products purchased at Huong Thanh Noni when one of the following cases occurs:

  • Products with manufacturer defects: Expired, torn labels,…
  • Goods do not match the model, type, and code as when ordered.
  • Products damaged during transportation, moldy, torn packaging,…
  • In the product there is a foreign body that is not in the ingredients.
  • Other cases: Please call the hotline (+84-28) 39851055 – 39854855 – 38200093 – 38956836 for specific advice.

In case we do not accept returns:

  • Goods are overdue for exchange (more than 3 days from the date of order).
  • Invoices, vouchers of products are not intact.
  • Products/goods show signs of being used or affected by external forces leading to peeling, breakage, scratches,…
  • The returned goods encountered an error during transportation from the customer’s place to Huong Thanh.
  • Checked and confirmed with the delivery party but there is no feedback on the status of wrong delivery, delivery within 24 hours after receipt.

How to return products

  • If you buy products directly from our store, please check the goods carefully before leaving. If you find an error after returning it (with original packaging), please bring the returned product and the invoice to the store where you bought it to exchange and return another similar product.
  • If you order through our website or hotline, please contact the hotline for exchange.

Thank you for your interest and purchase at website Huong Thanh is always ready to provide the best customer service to bring great satisfaction and health when using Huong Thanh’s products.